What Should You Do When Your Dog or Cat Dies? – Peoria, AZ – Arrowhead Pooper Scoopers

As mentioned elsewhere online, there is the cremation option.  Your vet or Arrowhead Pooper Scoopers has a contract with, for large animals the fees are more, they can also return the ashes in a nice cedar urn (container) that can have an engraved plaque with your pet’s name and possibly a paw print in fired clay. For less money you can get a “plastic box” and for even less money, you can get a communal cremation, (one where more than one pet is cremated at the same time) but the cremains are mixed with other animals and taken to a local pet cemetery.

Then as also mentioned, private burial on your own property. Some opt for this with cats, snakes and other small house pets. Unfortunately, some of the pet’s bones can be raised by other pests or neighborhood creatures, and if you move, future owners may end up digging the remains up when landscaping or working in the yard.  If you’re worried about the remains being disrupted, then this may not be a good option.

There is another method that has not been mentioned that is more prevalent with large animals found in a public roadway or roadside. Animal care and control, sometimes run by a county or some local government agency, may come and pick up a deceased animal found on a public roadway or roadside, but rarely in a private yard. There they will either cremate or God only knows what else and I don’t want to venture to guess what they will do.

If you would like help with your dead dog or dead cat, please reach out by calling 602-391-0160 or visit DeadPetRemoval.com