The Importance of Scooping Poop, Peoria, AZ — Arrowhead Pooper Scoopers

Each year dogs produce more than 5.8 billion pounds of dog poo! That’s enough poo to fill 900 football fields, a foot and a half deep! That’s a lot of dog poo to clean up, but thankfully, there is someone out there to do the job for us so we don’t have too, especially, when we don’t want too! If, and when the dog poo in your yard becomes too much to handle, be sure to call Arrowhead Scoopers at (602) 391-0160.

We will be more than happy to set you up with a weekly yard cleaning service. Our rates are affordable, at just $11.00 per week, and our service is guaranteed!

Why hire Arrowhead Scoopers?

You might not think twice about the dog poo in your yard and to you, it’s no big deal, but it should be. Not only is dog poo a nuisance but it can cause serious health issues as well.

Why? Dog poo contains a number of common parasites, including roundworm. These are transmitted through infected dog poo that is left in your yard after your dog does his business. Roundworm eggs, as well as other parasites can lie dormant in your yard for years as they wait for a host. That being said, anyone who comes in contact with the soil also comes in contact with the infected eggs.

If you have small children who happen to play in the yard, or on the playground, and most do, they are most at risk of falling ill. They put their hands in their mouths and they rub their eyes, thus risking an infection.

It’s not just children who can become ill, however, as adults are at risk as well. Have you ever gone to the park and kicked a soccer ball or thrown a baseball? What about a Frisbee? You might not stop and think twice about what those objects come in contact with but parasites can make us quite ill. These parasites can even cause serious harm to an unborn child.

When you hire a company such as Arrowhead Scoopers you cut back on the opportunity for these parasites to exist anywhere. Arrowhead doesn’t just service homes, we’ll also visit your business, your park, or basically anywhere you may come into contact with dog poo.

Dog Poo and the Environment

Did you know that dog poo is toxic to your lawn? The ammonia in dog waste causes burns and unsightly discoloring of your grass. Beyond the damage to your grass is the damage done to the environment when dog poo is not cleaned up and disposed of.

When left on the ground dog poo breaks down and washes into our water supply. It then pollutes our rivers, streams and other local waterways. Other than roundworm, take a moment to think about all the bacteria, parasites and other diseases that could be transmitted to humans.

One bacteria in particular, is campylobacter and it’s been known to cause a nasty infection in anyone who comes in contact with it. Not only that, if it infects certain individuals, such as infants, or the elderly, it may even be fatal.

Consider as well, that dog poo can also contain E.Coli, parvovirus, salmonella and leptosporsis. These are parasites that shouldn’t be messed around with.

When you call a company such as Arrowhead Scoopers you’ll be helping the environment in more ways than one. Our technician will arrive at your home in one of our Earth-Friendly, GPS-tracked fleet of marked Hybrid Prius-Vehicles and your yard will be immaculate when they leave. Your technician will use our PoopVac to remove even the smallest dust and particles and we’ll seal each trash bag air-tight to keep your trash can odor free.

Give us a call today at (602) 391-0160 to set up your weekly service. Our rates start at just $11.00 per week and our service is guaranteed 110%!  Ask for me, Edward Maznio. I’ll be happy to speak to you anytime, day, or night.

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