April Greer

I’ve got four dogs so there is a lot of poop! We usually clean it up every few weeks but still have a mess. I was hesitant to use the service but decided there was nothing to lose.
They sent reminders via text and email and a final text when they were 30 minutes away, which is good for me so I can get my dogs put up.
They met the dogs before getting started and then went straight to work. They completed their work and then did another sweep of the yard. I’m sure it would have been easier if there weren’t so many weeds in my dead grass.
They sent me a follow-up text with a picture of how many bags they filled. I was skeptical about the deodorizer but oh man! I walked out to take a look at the finished yard and not only did it look a lot better but it smelled great! I’m definitely going to stick with this company!
Did I mention that I have four dogs?

admin February 10, 2017