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It’s uncommon for a dog to pass a stool that’s chalk like and white in color. In fact, it’s usually brown, or sometimes yellow, but rarely does it come out white. While there might not be anything wrong with your dog, you may need to make a few changes to ensure he continues to live a long and healthy life.

Reasons for White Poop

There is more than one reason your dog might have white poop. If you’ve left a pile in the yard, it might change color due to the fact that it’s been sitting in the sun too long. However, it may also be a factor of your dogs’ diet.

If you feed your dog a diet that is high in calcium and other minerals, his poop might turn from light brown to white within twenty-four hours of consumption. It might also appear white because he’s been chewing on too many bones. White poop is also most common in dogs that are fed a raw food, dog food, diet.

When your dog consumes too much calcium it might also result in constipation. If you notice your dog has white poop you might trying doing the following:

Feed him fewer bones as part of his diet, especially in a raw food, dog food diet.
Feed him one teaspoon of canned pumpkin per ten pounds of your dogs’ weight each time you feed him.

Dogs that eat things that aren’t meant for dogs might also have white poop. We all know that dogs aren’t finicky about what they put into their mouths and yes, some of these will affect that color of his poop. Paper products, for example, when consumed in large amounts, often lead to white poop. They can also turn his poop grey in color, as well.

Try to limit access your dogs’ access to anything other than his regular diet. If he enjoys pulling toilet paper off the roll and then eating it, you may need to keep the door closed between visits. Keep toilet paper and tissues out of reach of nosy paws and noses if your dog does happen to have a tissue fetish.

When dogs eat strange things at random it might be because they are bored or curious. If this happens to be an ongoing problem, it might be a condition known as PICA. This is something you may wish to discuss with your veterinarian.

They can test your dog for underlying conditions that cause PICA, and if necessary your dog may be placed on medication, therapy, or possibly even both.

While this might sound gross, pay attention to the color of your dogs’ poop because it can tell you a lot about the health of your dog. If his poop is brown and well formed then you have nothing to worry about. If his poop is grey or white in color then you’ll need to determine why it’s changed color.

Collect a sample after your dog poops, seal it in a plastic bag and take it to your veterinarian for examination. Your dog might have an underlying health condition and if caught early, you might be able to avoid a serious problem with your dogs’ health.

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