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Twelve-year old Cailyn has Aspergers Syndrome which causes her to struggle emotionally.  Before being diagnosed she suffered from frequent outbursts and violent behavior. She struggled in school and had difficulty making friends. Her mother Tina was distraught over what type of future her daughter might have. After being diagnosed, however, a treatment plan was put into place. Cailyn takes medication to help with her anxiety and she is doing much better, both at home, and at school. She also receives help from her Emotional Therapy Dog, a Yorkshire Terrier, named Bella. Bella was adopted by the Galloway family three years ago after a family member passed away, leaving Bella without a home. Bella and Cailyn quickly became best friends and Cailyn learned to rely on the small dog when she was having a bad day. Bella didn’t seem to mind at all. Today, Bella wears a vest letting those around her know she is a support dog and the family has a letter from a psychiatrist stating Bella’s purpose.

Emotional support dogs are dogs that support those who are suffering from mental and emotional conditions such as anxiety, bipolar disorder and panic attacks. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, more than 1 in 4 adults in the United States have some form of mental health disorder. While emotional support dogs might be used as part of a medical treatment plan, they are not recognized by the ADA as service dogs. This means they are not allowed the same rights as service dogs. They are not allowed in restaurants or other establishments that welcome service dogs. They are however, allowed to fly in the cabin of an airplane free of charge, provided the handler has a special letter from a mental health professional.

Rebekah has a service dog from Canine Companions for Independence. Rebekah’s dog is a Labrador Retriever. Her mother, Marilyn, reports that Rebekah’s dog has made her much calmer and much more interactive with her family.

These are legitimate cases where the dogs can, and will help their owners. These dogs are legally trained and certified to be out in public with their owners but some don’t want to comply with federal law.

It’s become “posh” lately for some dog owners to break the law, simply to bring their dogs along with them. Many companies have sprung up on line, selling fake certificates, and vests, just so dogs can fly for free in the cabin with their owners. This becomes a problem when a fellow traveler might have an allergy to dogs. This is a disruption to the flight because someone might need to be seated somewhere else on the plane.  When this happens, it puts the work of a legitimate service dog in jeopardy. If your dog is being unruly at dinner or a movie this will have an impact on everyone around you, including those who truly need the assistance of a dog. If you aren’t blind, you don’t need a seeing eye dog, so please, respect those around you that might need assistance from a service dog.

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