Pros and Cons of Invisible Fencing, Peoria, AZ – Arrowhead Pooper Scoopers

Exercise is an important part of keeping your dog healthy, but sometimes we just don’t have time for a walk. Running free in your yard can be a great way for your pet to get some play time and exercise off the leash. But safety is critical and if you don’t have a fenced yard, that safety can be compromised. We all like to think our sweet Fluffy would never run off or leave our yard but sometimes those squirrels are just too tempting. Invisible fencing may be a good option for those who live in a neighborhood where putting up a fence is restricted by HOA rules or in cases where a physical fence may be cost prohibitive.  But is it a good choice for everyone? Here are some pros and cons of invisible or electric fences to help you decide what is best for your family.


Affordability: The cost of an invisible fence is must lower than a physical fence. There is also no upkeep, repair or painting needed.

Flexibility: You can put an electric fence anywhere and can be installed quickly. You can also use the electric fence to keep your dog away from “no-no” areas like a garden or pool.

Freedom: Your dog is able to roam freely within the fenced area. You can fence up to 25 acres, giving your canine friend lots of room to explore and exercise.

Maintain your view: An invisible fence will not obstruct the view and won’t require changing your landscape. You will also skip the lengthy hassle of Homeowner Association approvals.

Safety:  The invisible fence provides safety from traffic, strangers and dangers outside your yard.  It can be more reliable than a traditional fence that a dog may be able to dig under or jump over. A dog will usually quickly learn the boundaries and will avoid the shock by heeding the warning beep.


Only works on your dog: While it does protect your pet from running into traffic, it won’t keep other animals out of your yard.

Training time: It will require time and effort to train your dog to the fence. It takes dedicated time to teach your pet to respect the boundary and avoid the shock. While a traditional fence would be ready to use upon installation. Some dogs take longer to get it than others.

Chance of malfunction: As will all electronics, there is always a chance of malfunction. You also must monitor batteries on the collar to be sure they are still functioning.

Shock can be painful: In order to train your dog to stay in his yard, the shock must be strong enough to get his attention. That can be painful and startling at first until your dog learns to heed the warning beep.

Some dogs won’t care about the pain:  If you have a very motivated, read: stubborn, dog, he may just bust right on through to get to that squirrel.  We do know of a dog that was just too smart for the invisible fence and would sit at the edge of the boundary and let the sensor beep until the battery ran out and then walk right on out of the yard.

You will need to decide what option works best for your lifestyle, budget and the personality of your dog.  Whatever choice you make be sure that you protect your fur baby as well as allow him to get enough exercise.

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