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September was the month to prepare for emergencies and disasters. We learned how to prepare a safety kit for our dogs and cats that included such things as cat litter, a crate, and plenty of food. We also talked about NEVER leaving our pets behind when we are forced to evacuate. Having a plan in place is important and necessary, even if we never need to use it.

October is both, Adopt A Shelter Dog Month, and National Animal Safety and Protection Month. Protecting our dogs and keeping them safe is our responsibility. Use these pet safety tips to keep your pet safe while observing National Animal Safety and Protection Month.


You may already have one on hand but if you don’t, it’s easy to assemble one. You might have supplies at home already in your medicine cabinet. Many first aid supplies meant for humans are also fine to use on dogs or you can purchase one at any pet store. Your pet first aid kit should include the following:

Veterinary and emergency clinic information


Disposable gloves


Rectal Thermometer

Hot/Cold Packs



Rolls of Bandage


Hydrogen Peroxide


When traveling with your dog or cat it’s important to do it safely. Cats are safest when kept in a carrier until you reach your final destination. If you are flying and plan to take your dog make sure he’s comfortable in his crate. He should have plenty of room to sit up, turn around, and of course, lie down. When bringing your dog in the car, secure him in a dog seat belt or in a crate. If an accident should happen or an emergency occurs your dog could end up being a danger, to his self or to others.


Plants are beautiful to look at but many are deadly, including the African violet, keep toxic plants out of reach of your dog or cat. Foods, such as chocolate, are also deadly, especially to dogs. Cleaning supplies, pest repellent and automotive fluids should be up and off the floor, also out of reach. Puppy proof or kitten proof your home by making sure electrical cords are not a temptation to a furry friend looking for something to teethe on.


Pet insurance gives you piece of mind that you’ll never need to worry about an expensive trip to the veterinarian if an illness or injury unexpectedly occurs. Many insurance companies now offer both human and pet insurance. Ask your insurance carrier if they offer pet insurance or speak with your veterinarian for suggestions.

Thank you to healthypawspetinsurance.com for helping us with this post. If you are interested in pet insurance for your dog or cat, see their website for more information.

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