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New Year’s Eve is a festive time to celebrate. We throw out the old and ring in the new hoping to make the upcoming year better than the last. When making your new year’s resolutions don’t leave out your pet because after all, we aren’t the only ones in need of a fresh start. See our list below for ideas on how to make 2018 your pet’s healthiest year ever!

More than 50 percent of the pet population in the United States has an issue with their weight. If your veterinarian has suggested you cut back on your pets’ diet, you might consider measuring the amount of food that goes into your pets’ dish. Take a look at the recommended feeding guidelines on the side of your pet food bag. Use an 8 ounce measuring cup to ensure your dog or cat isn’t getting more calories than they actually need.

Food intake and calories vary based on age and activity level of your pet. Keep in mind there is a diet for every age and lifestyle within the pet community. Puppies and kittens require specific nutrients to help them grow up big and strong while senior animals might have medical issues. Choosing the right food for your pets’ stage of life is the best way to ensure your dog or cat stays healthy.



While we’re on the subject of health keep up to date with your pets’ yearly examinations. Yearly visits to the veterinarian are the best way to prevent medical conditions such as diabetes, arthritis and obesity. If detected early many diseases are easier to manage. Your pets’ annual check-up is a good time to ask questions you might have about your pets’ health. If your veterinarian doesn’t ask about the oral hygiene of your pet, you might want to bring it up.

Brushing your pets’ teeth everyday is the best way to ensure that plaque and tarter don’t have a chance to build up inside your pets mouth. Be sure, however, to choose a tooth paste specifically designed for dogs or cats. If you don’t want to brush your pets’ teeth, ask your veterinarian or pet stylist to do it for you at your next appointment.

Once you ensure your pet is healthy on the inside, make sure he’s healthy on the outside too. Daily grooming serves a purpose. Not only does it reduce the amount of fur your dog sheds it also helps distribute oil from skin to fur. When this occurs your pets’ coat will stay both shiny and healthy. Grooming time is also an opportunity to bond with your pet.

If you have a healthy dog then 2018 might be the year the two of you try out a new activity. When you take your dog on a hike it’s a great time for the two of you to bond. Not to mention the fact that you’ll both reap the benefits of physical activity.

Cat lovers might want to incorporate more play time into their cat’s daily routine. Toys are a good way to get your cat up and moving and engaged in exercise. Try out a variety of toys to see what your cat enjoys playing with. Cat favorites include catnip toys, cat trees and even cardboard boxes.

Exercise is wonderful for pets because it keeps their bodies healthy, but what about their mind? Engaging your older dog or cat in some form of mental stimulation helps reduce the signs of aging as they grow older. Teach your pet a new trick to keep his brain sharp but don’t forget about the tricks he already knows. Consider picking up a puzzle feeder at your local pet store. Not only do pet feeders reward your pet with a treat they also keep your pets’ mind busy and engaged in a mentally stimulating activity.

While keeping your pet healthy, you’ll also need to keep him safe. Make sure your pets’ tags and microchip are up to date especially if something has recently changed. Updating your information is the best to way to ensure your lost dog or cat makes their way safely home to you.

Our final resolution for you to consider is to think about helping pets in need. If you aren’t 100% percent sure you want a new pet then fostering a pet might be the solution you’ve been searching for. Many shelters and rescue groups have more animals than they can provide homes for. Fostering an animal in need provides a dog or cat with a temporary home until a permanent home can be found. There is no long term commitment and there is little to no cost to you. Food and veterinary care will be provided by the shelter or rescue group that you foster with. Beware however, of becoming a “foster failure.”  The longer you foster a pet, the easier it is to fall in love with them. Their furever home might just end up being your home.

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