January 2, 2018 National Pet Travel Safety Day, Peoria, AZ – Arrowhead Pooper Scoopers

As the beginning of a new year signals a time to make resolutions, January 2 has been named National Pet Travel Safety Day. This somewhat important day in the lives of our pets was started by Colleen Page. Page is a celebrity pet and family lifestyle expert who wanted to raise awareness about riding in cars with both dogs, and cats.

And while a lot of this might sound familiar, we can’t stress enough how important it is to be safe while traveling with your dog(s) or cat(s).

As pet owners, we’ve all traveled with dogs and/or cats in the car—on vacation, to the groomer and to the veterinarian. No matter where you travel with your dog, whether it’s down the block or across the country, keep in mind the following tips to ensure your pets’ happiness and safety while on the road:


Our dogs love to hang their heads out the window of the car but allowing them to do so can lead to disaster if your dog comes into contact with flying debris. Your dogs’ head should remain within your vehicle at all times.  We’re all guilty of letting our dogs do this because we know how much they enjoy it but remember to keep your dog safe by always keeping the windows rolled up!

Oh…don’t ever let your dog hang out in the bed of your truck. He could jump onto the road or even the highway without warning, leaving him subject to injury or even death. If you don’t have room in your cab for your dog, secure him in a crate. Once he’s secured, secure the crate. Tie it down and make sure it doesn’t move while you’re driving.


You would never leave the driveway without making sure you or your child are buckled in, but what about your dog? Before you get behind the wheel be certain your dog is secure by buckling them into their doggy seat belt or putting them into their crate. Cats should never be allowed to roam free in the car either. Roaming pets that like to climb up onto your lap while you’re driving might hinder your ability to see the road.


Here at Arrowhead we can’t stress enough how important it is to make sure your pet’s identification tags are up to date and that they are current on their vaccinations. If the circumstances of your life have changed, be sure to update your pets’ microchip, as well. If an accident were to occur while you are traveling and your pet escapes, the chances of a reunion are much better if it’s know where your dog belongs.


Do you have your first aid kit? Remember that first aid supplies meant for humans may be used on four-legged friends as well. Kits for dogs should include bandages, ointment, tweezers and veterinarian identification information.


Be sure to pack plenty of water to prevent your pet from becoming dehydrated while you travel. Don’t forget a water bowl as well or pick up one of the news water bottles designed just for dogs. They have bowls attached. Problem solved.



Stretch and get some exercise every two to three hours if traveling a long distance. It’s good for everyone, both humans and pets’ to get out, move, and use the restroom. Be sure to keep your dog on a leash and don’t forget to clean up after him once he goes potty. Most interstate rest stops have pet waste stations for easy disposal of your dogs poop just in case you leave your pet waste bags behind. As a pet waste removal service, we once again, can’t emphasize enough how important it is to clean up after your dog!


Don’t ever leave your pet alone in the car, even for just a moment. Temperatures can change quickly leaving your pet at risk for heat stroke, hypothermia and even the possibility of theft. In many states it’s illegal to leave your dog alone in a vehicle. Don’t risk criminal charges being filed against you.

What if you’re not driving? What if your travel plans include flying on an airplane? If you plan to fly instead of drive, it might be best to leave your pet behind. The cargo compartment of an airplane isn’t an ideal environment for animals, not to mention the stress your pet will endure before even making in onto the airplane. The tarmac is very noisy and busy and you’re pet’s under enough stress already just by being placed in a crate. Unless your pet will fit beneath your seat consider leaving at a boarding facility or find someone who will watch him in your home while you are gone.

When planning a trip with your pets, be sure to visit our previous posts about the best places to travel with dogs, and cats, in 2018! Happy Travels!

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