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The holiday season is a wonderful time to celebrate with family and friends but our pets might not feel the same way. Dogs that suffer from anxiety are even more susceptible at this time of year because of strangers, toxins or travel. As you get busy with family, cooking and shopping, don’t forget about your dog. Listed below are tips that will help you celebrate a safe and stress-free holiday with your pet this year and for years to come.

To begin, do your best to keep your dog on his or her regular schedule. Don’t forget about meals, walks, or potty time. Maintaining a routine will help cut back on stress for both you and your dog. If you plan to be away during the day, be sure to leave toys and treats for your dog to enjoy until you return.

Make sure you plan ahead if you plan to have strangers in your home. If you know you have a nervous dog, make sure he or she has a safe place to go if they happen to become overwhelmed. You might want to stash a crate in the corner of a closed off room but be sure to stock it with your dogs favorite toys or bedding. Tell guests that you wish for them to leave your dog alone while he or she takes time away from the festivities.

If you already know your dog doesn’t doesn’t care for strangers don’t expect them to interact with invited guests. On the other hand, you might have a dog that’s too friendly. If your dog jumps on anyone who walks through the front door, you might want to solve this problem before having people over.

As guests come and go, be sure your pet doesn’t get lost by slipping through an open door. Make sure he’s wearing a collar and tags at all times just in case he wanders away.  Keeping these things in mind will allow for a more peaceful gathering within your home this year.

Be sure to remember your holiday toxins. Protect your pet from eating anything that might make them sick, or lead to death. Grapes, raisins, and chocolate are all common this time of year and each is toxic to your dog. Chocolate, even in just small amounts, is deadly. Other holiday food toxins include coffee, alcohol and table scraps. Keep tinsel and breakable ornaments up high on the tree as well. You don’t want something to break or be ingested by your pet.

If someone else is hosting the party this year, consider these options if you plan to be away from home. Do your research in advance and do what’s best for your pet.

If you hire someone to watch your dog, don’t leave him with just anyone and don’t leave him for a long period of time. Dogs are social creatures and they don’t do well when left alone. Pet sitters are also expensive and you never know what type of care your dog will receive.

You’re best choice might be to board your dog at the vet or at the kennel but be sure to call ahead. If the facility is unfamiliar to you, be sure to take a tour before making a reservation for your pet. Dogs must be current on all vaccinations before the facility will allow you to leave your dog in their care.



However you plan to celebrate this holiday season, we wish only the best for you and your pets. We hope you have a safe and happy ending to 2017. Be sure to join us again in 2018 as we continue to write our blog.

Today we would like to thank dog expert Victoria Stillwell and for helping with us post. Be sure to visit Victoria’s website for more information on dogs and all things dog related.

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