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January is National Walk Your Dog month which is perfect timing because it’s also the start of your New Year’s Resolution to get more exercise. The health benefits we receive from walking also benefit the health of our dogs. Here are ten reasons to get moving with your dog, both today, and throughout the year! Oh…the weather in Arizona is perfect for walking your dog all year long, no excuses!

When you walk your dog:

ONE: Walking your dog provides an outlet for energy, for both you, and your dog. Dogs build up energy that needs to be released and if it’s not released through walking then your dog might become destructive. Dogs that are allowed to release their energy also tend to be better behaved than dogs that aren’t given the opportunity to walk, run and play.

TWO: Dogs that are walked regularly are much calmer than dogs that aren’t. This helps when training your dog because he’ll be more focused on you and what you’re trying to teach him. Walking your dog should also be a time to train your dog and if done correctly it helps to strengthen the bond between canine and owner. It’s important to remember that when walking your dog, you should be the one in control. It should never be the other way around.


THREE: It’s in a dogs’ DNA to want to roam and explore and walking allows your dog to do so. Dogs’ are social creatures and as a pack they walk and roam in search of food, often for miles at a time. While our dogs aren’t wild, as we said, it’s what their ancestors did in the past.

FOUR: Dogs that receive physical and mental stimulation by exploring their surroundings give their brains a mental workout. While out on a walk dogs are exposed to a multitude of smells, sights and sounds and this too is part of natural instinct.

FIVE: When out on a walk, your dog will also be provided an opportunity to socialize, something that is critical in the early years of your dogs’ life. When out on a walk you’ll probably meet other people who are doing the same thing with their dogs. Encounters with other people, children and dogs help to strengthen the confidence within your dog, making him less fearful and shy.

SIX:  Walking your dog will also make him more confident and stable. Dogs that are exposed to the sights and sounds of the world will be more comfortable about things such as cars, mailmen, bicycles, and more. Dogs’ that are allowed this exposure tend to be more fearful, especially around strangers. They’ll begin to see them more as a threat, than someone who just wants to pet them.

SEVEN: If you have more than one dog, it’s important to walk them together, as this creates a bond between them. Walking more than one dog at the same time also helps to prevent behavior problems between pet siblings.

EIGHT: Dogs need, and deserve attention and walking is a great way to provide it.  Walking our dogs gives them our undivided attention.

NINE: Walking is healthy for all of us and our pets as well! If you want to improve the health and length of your life, and your dogs’ as well, get out and walk!

TEN: If your friends are busy, you’ll have your very own walking buddy and a reason to go out and get moving! You’ll both enjoy the fresh air while getting healthy all at the same time!

Today we would like to thank unityanimalhospital.com for helping us with this post. Visit their website for more tips on how to keep your dog happy and healthy for life!

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