January 22, 2018 – Answer Your Cats Questions Day, Peoria, AZ – Arrowhead Pooper Scoopers

Have you ever watched your cat and wondered what he might be trying to tell you through his or her behavior? For example, when he pees and poops outside the litter box or when he scratches the sofa?

Cats are different than dogs and they have their own unique way of doing things, including how they communicate. As humans we don’t always understand what they are trying to tell us and let’s face it, we don’t always appreciate it either.

When our cats exhibit behavior we find unacceptable we often try to change that behavior but we don’t always do it correctly. Sometimes by our own actions we make the behavior worse without even realizing what we’ve done. While some learn to live with their cats’ behavior others decide they can’t tolerate it—they surrender their cat to the local animal shelter or Humane Society without even trying to solve the problem their cat might be having.

As cat owners it’s important to try and understand the behavior that surrounds feline issues. When we look for a solution our cats will be happier and our relationship with them will only get stronger.


In honor of National Answer Your Cat’s Question Day, here are five things your cat would like to tell you (if he could talk):

One: Why do you get so angry when I pee or poop on the floor?

Imagine how you would feel if you had to walk down a long flight of stairs in the dark, to the basement to reach the bathroom? When was the last time someone cleaned out my litter box? What about the cat litter you used last week? What if I liked that cat litter better? What if I don’t want to share my litter box with another cat? These are all of the reasons that I might not be using the litter box. I might even be sick and need to see the veterinarian. Please take all of these things into consideration before you surrender me.

TWO: Why are you yelling at me when I scratch the furniture?

Scratching is normal cat behavior and what else am I supposed to scratch on? What if I don’t like my scratching post? Why do I even have a scratching post in the first place? What if I’m stressed out because the dog won’t stop chasing me? Humans have some pretty odd behaviors too, especially when their stressed out as well.

THREE: Why do you keep petting me?

I don’t mind when you pet me but enough is enough. My ears are flat and I am swishing my tail, this is an indication that I wish to be left alone. Did you know that cats groom each other around the head? When you pet me, do it gently, because I’m sensitive. There might even be a medical problem you don’t know about, like arthritis.



FOUR: Why am I not allowed on the counter?

If you don’t want me up on the counter, why do you leave food out? I am curious and I like to survey my surroundings. I also like to get out of the way of the dogs and any other cats that are bothering me. Do I have anything else to climb on or rest on?

FIVE: Why did you bring that thing home?

What led you to believe I wanted to share my home with another cat? Did you think I’d be happy with that arrangement? I wonder how you would feel if someone just showed up and moved in to YOUR domain? Wouldn’t you want to get to know them first? When I’m old, please don’t try to replace me before I’m gone. I don’t appreciate the fact that a kitten is now getting all the attention, or that he might be playing with my toys.

Thank you to catster.com for helping us with this post. Be sure to visit their website for more information on keeping your cat happy and healthy for life.

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