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Mumbai, India is no doubt giving birth to a new revolution. As the city continues to grow in industry and wealth, so do the problems its residents are beginning to face. The human population is learning that with progress comes pollution. When that pollution is poorly controlled, however, it begins to affect everyone. It doesn’t just affect men, women, and children it also affects the animals that call the city, and the country of India, home. If something is not done soon to regulate how waste is disposed, the results will be tragic.

Tragic because industrial waste is released into the Kasadi River, near the industrial area of Taloja, near Navi, Mumbai. This industrial waste is untreated and it’s beginning to take a toll on nearby stray dogs that eat and drink from the river. At least five blue dogs have been spotted near the river in recent weeks. The culprit is said to be a dye that is being released into the water.

The dye is released into the water by a private, unnamed company that is using the blue dye for several different reasons. According to the Hindustan Times, the dye is used to make detergent. When officials in Mumbai learned about the issue, they closed off the affected area of the river, to both people, and animals, but for some reason, the dogs were able to slip past the barrier.

The damage to the dogs that drank the water goes beyond blue fur. Once the dye gets into their system, they suffer from digestive issues making it difficult for them to eat or drink. The dye can also cause skin allergies. Currently the affects of the pollution have only been seen in dogs, it’s not clear how birds and other species of wildlife are handling the aftermath.

The United States

While India has an issue with industrial waste, so does the United States. The problem in our country is often linked to our pets, our very own dogs and cats. We often think of pet waste as fertilizer, when in reality, the opposite is true. Animal poop is a hazard to humans if not disposed of properly. It makes us ill if we come in contact with the bacteria it contains. According the EPA, just one gram of dog poop contains 23 million fecal bacteria.

Coming in contact with these bacteria can leave a devastating toll on our bodies. The EPA goes on to say that just two days worth of dog poop contributes enough bacteria to close bodies of water with twenty miles of the poop itself. In prior posts we have discussed diseases in dog poop. These include everything from Salmonella to Roundworm to the Parvo Virus. It’s important to keep your yard clean and to not drag dog waste into your home on the bottom of your shoes.

This being said, if you find it difficult to keep your yard clean, you can always hire someone to do the job for you. No matter where you live in the United States, you are certain to find a company that specializes in the pick-up of dog poop.

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