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For the second time this week, dog food is being recalled, this time due to Salmonella. Earlier in the week, Smuckers’ recalled cans of Gravy Train because samples tested, tested positive for the drug Pentobarital, a drug used for euthanizing animals.

This time the recall comes from four different companies that received reports of pets dying or becoming ill after eating contaminated pet food. This recall involves a variety of pet food products that made pets sick, or even worse, caused their deaths.

The recall came about because an adult dog that had diarrhea for nine months tested positive for salmonella. The dog food he was eating, Darwin’s Natural raw pet food, tested positive for salmonella as well.

One of the animals was a kitten while the others were not disclosed. According the U.S Food and Drug Administration, two children were also sickened with salmonella, most likely because they came into contact with the contaminated food.

The six cases of were tied to the following brand:

Darwin’s Natural and ZooLogics Pet Foods which are both manufactured by Arrow Reliance, of Tukwila, Washington. Arrow Reliance has had four salmonella and two listeria outbreaks since 2016.

The two reports of illness in children were a result of contact with:

Raws for Paws Ground Turkey Pet Food

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture found the salmonella while they were testing samples of pet food that were made by the Minnesota based pet food company.

Red Barn Pet Products, of Long Beach, California also recalled one of their products, their three-pack package of seven-inch Bully Sticks dog chews. The Colorado Department of Agriculture reported one sample of salmonella after pulling the product from store shelves.

The Colorado Department of Agriculture also recalled a second product, Smokehouse Pet Products four ounce bags of Beefy Munchies dog treats after salmonella was found two packages containing contaminated products.  Smokehouse Pet Products are manufactured in Sun Valley, California.

Symptoms of salmonella in humans are: Diarrhea, fever and severe stomach cramps which can last up to two weeks. The majority of those infected with salmonella make a full recovery without treatment within two weeks of showing symptoms of the illness.

Pets, however, don’t always present symptoms of illness so if you suspect your pet might be ill after eating any of these products, look for the following in your dog or cat: Vomiting, diarrhea, fever, loss of appetite and tiredness. Even if your dog or cat is not showing signs of the illness it is possible to transmit the disease to both humans as well as other animals.

If you feed your dog or a cat a raw diet, it’s more likely these products may be contaminated with salmonella or another type of bacteria. When food is not cooked, the bacteria still has an opportunity to grow and thrive in a moist environment. Pet owners should be aware of the risk associated with raw pet foods purchased from the refrigerated section of the grocery/pet store.

If you purchased any of these products for your dog or cat, you can return them to the store where they were purchased for a full refund.

Today we would like to thank for helping us with this post. Visit their website to see a complete listing of all of the pet foods/treats that have been recalled in the past week.

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