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October is Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog Month, and many people do not know how meaningful the decision to bring a rescue dog into their homes can be.

Quite a few still prefer to use breeders because they have a particular image of the dog they want in mind, which leaves more perfectly adoptable dogs languishing in shelter kennels, where their time is limited. Rescues like #LovePup and Arizona Animal Welfare League work tirelessly to pull animals from settings like these, rehabilitate them physically and emotionally, and place them into the loving homes they deserve.

#LovePup is an Arizona-based dog rescue mission run by 104.7 KISS FM DJ Johnjay Van Es and his wife, Blake. Working in conjunction with the AAWL, they want to bring awareness to the need for more adoptions and support for no-kill shelters.

This month, companies like Arrowhead Pooper Scoopers are taking the initiative to offer free services to support more adoptions.

Would you love to make a difference in the life of an amazing pet who would be an excellent addition to your family and also help an organization that makes this possible? Keep reading.

What is a Rescue Dog?

Michael Morefield of AAWL shares with us, “There is a homeless animal overpopulation problem in the United States, and it’s a human-caused problem. Local shelters provide communities a way to come together to help solve the problem.

Contrary to popular belief, not all dogs are abandoned at shelters because of a terrible behavior problem or an incurable disease. While sad, the reality is that healthy, sweet, and well-behaved animals are brought to their local animal control facility. Many times people claim to be moving into “no pets” housing, decide they do not want the responsibility of a pet, have children without giving the animal a chance to adapt, or even shrug and say they have become bored with the dog. There are many reasons listed that do not put the animal at fault.

It’s also assumed that there are no purebreds surrendered, but in reality, breeders can be some of the most frequent perpetrators. If puppy sales are slow and there are extras, or if a stud gets past his breeding prime, those dogs will be taken to a shelter as well. Whenever they are taken in by an organization such as #LovePup, they become “rescue dogs.

Why Adopt a Rescue Dog?

Many rescues like #LovePup and AAWL offer a wide array of puppies, adult, and senior dogs across the breed and energy spectrum who have been fully vetted, evaluated behaviorally, and socialized extensively. These rescued pups will be spayed or neutered and up to date on current shots, and a volunteer or foster parent can tell you all about him or her. Rescue organizations typically have a smaller group of dedicated individuals who work continuously to train and demonstrate love and compassion to their rescued animals. This dedicated team will be able to inform you of how well a rescued pup interacts with other animals, what her personality is like, how comfortable he is in a vehicle, etc., so you can have the best background information you wouldn’t have received from a typical animal control office.

Many of the pet store puppies come from puppy mills where pups are treated like livestock. In fact, the companies are licensed to handle the dogs as a “cash crop” and the standards are not for a quality of life, but they are a minimal life standard to keep the dogs alive. As a result, you see dogs kept in cages for 5-6 years without ever having the opportunity to go outside. They are kept in cages until they cannot breed anymore and then they are euthanized. It is so difficult to understand why anyone who loves animals would support these systems.

Older dogs can be difficult to adopt out because so many people want puppies, but older dogs are amazing and should be given a chance. They have lived a life of experiences and shouldn’t be written off. They’ve already been potty trained, know their commands, are comfortable staying at home by themselves during the day. Senior dogs are great,” explains Morefield.

Right now, the AAWL has a 7-year-old purebred, papered, and trained service dog. The family was no longer able to take care of the dog, so turned to AAWL as they are the oldest no-kill shelter in the community.

When you choose to adopt a rescue dog, you save the life of an animal who has been through stages of abandonment, potentially neglect, abuse, and fear, but who still has an open heart and eagerness to please his or her new guardian. When you adopt from a shelter, you are taking an animal in that doesn’t have another chance. A shelter dog knows it has been rescued and shows it!

You are also supporting groups like #LovePup and AAWL, whose primary purpose is to make this happen for a significant number of deserving animals. And lastly, you are withdrawing your support from groups that may see a profit, and not animal welfare, as the bottom line.

Gabby’s Story

Blake Van Es, co-founder of #LovePup, shared a recent rescue that is one of their most memorable cases. Gabby, a small, malnourished nine-week-old puppy was found by some city workers. One day they saw her running across the street and attempted to catch her but were unable. The next day, they found her hiding in hay bales after being hit by a car. They called Johnjay, a nationally acclaimed DJ at 104.7 Kiss FM and co-founder of #LovePup, and he was able to secure her and transport her to a local vet. She was terribly dehydrated, and her brown pelt had scars throughout. The vet was shocked as she had never seen so many ticks on an animal. Gabby had a broken leg and needed surgery. Two and a half hours into the operation, the team discovered the leg was beyond repair and had to be amputated. After Gabby was out of surgery, she had to endure a long process of recovery, but her spirit was strong, and her eyes were bright.

Johnjay had been updating the community through Instagram on her case, and one woman who had been following Gabby’s story took an interest in her and insisted on meeting face-to-face. As soon as they locked eyes, there was an instant bond, and Gabby finally found a permanent, loving home where she could fully heal and enjoy unconditional love.

Let’s All Help Dogs Like Gabby

With October calling focus on rescue dogs like Gabby and organizations like #LovePup and its partner Arizona Animal Welfare League, now is a great time to venture outside of your comfort zone perhaps and explore the possibility of adopting a rescue dog. The choice to invite another life into one’s home should be treated carefully and seriously, but if you do feel comfortable with that choice, a rescue dog will show you an endless amount of appreciation and give you the type of affection that touches even closed-off hearts.

#LovePup is unique in that it does not charge even an adoption fee for a dog; all costs are covered by the Van Es family, donations, and local businesses like Arrowhead Pooper Scoopers.

#LovePup exists exclusively to help Arizona’s abandoned pets, and this month Arrowhead Pooper Scoopers is offering a free scoop for each pet adopted. Arrowhead will visit your home after you adopt your new best friend and clean up your yard at no cost to you! It’s called the #BigScooPUP. All things considered, that’s a fantastic deal!

If you are unable to create space in your home for a new four-legged friend, then consider donating to a rescue like #LovePup. Your money will go toward effective adoption coordinating, veterinary bills, pet food expenses, and more. Pups depend on people like you!

For more information on #LovePup, please visit If you do adopt a dog in October, contact Arrowhead Pooper Scoopers at 602-391-0160 or on Facebook ( to receive your free scoop.

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