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As a dog owner you know how important is to keep your dog safe and secure within the confines of your yard. Yes, dogs do jump fences, and yes, they do dig holes, but by having a fence, you lower the opportunity for your dog to roam the neighborhood. And while having a fence is important, it’s just as important to maintain your fence, as well as your gate. Today we will share some important tips on how to make sure both of these items are always in tip-top shape.

Gates and Hinges

Ensure that gates and hinges always work properly, prevent weeds, rocks and dirt from obstructing your gate and its’ ability to swing back and forth freely. Check screws, hinges and latches regularly and tighten them if necessary. Be sure to keep children from swinging on gates by reminding them they could get hurt by doing so.

Wood Fences

Keep dirt away from the bottom of a wood fence in order to prevent the wood from rotting away.

If you spot termites or ants be sure to call an exterminator right away.

Nails that are sticking out of your fence should be pounded back into the wood, or if necessary, replace them.

Protect your wood fence by staining it or painting it as needed.



Vinyl and Aluminum Fences

Once a year it’s recommended that you hose down a vinyl or aluminum fence. You should also wipe down the fence with a clean, wet rag. If you have tough stains that are hard to remove, such as grass, leaves, or mess from a storm, use a gentle soap solution to remove the stains. While it might take some effort to maintain your fence, this effort goes a long way when it comes to keeping pets and children safe from harm.

Why maintain gates and fences?

It’s also important to maintain gates and fences if you have someone coming to maintain your yard on a regular basis. At http://www.arrowheadscoopers.com and PoopRemoval.com we ask that you maintain your gate so our employees don’t pinch their fingers or get hurt when they come to clean the poo from your yard.

If our employees are not able to access your yard your visit will need to be rescheduled and you’ll still be charged, even if our technician is not able to do his or her job.

In Phoenix and the surrounding area, you have several choices when it comes to fence and gate repair:

Biddle and Brown Fence Repair

Commercial Fence Installation

Open 24 hours a day

(602) 456-8999



Phoenix Fence Company

877-884-1852 or (602) 276-4283


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