Dog Poop Pick-up: Why Should You Do It Regularly?, Peoria, AZ – Arrowhead Pooper Scoopers

If you have a dog, then there is a great possibility that you delay cleaning up his poop when you let him do his business in your backyard. However, you should avoid doing the same if you’re taking him out to a public area. In this case, those around you will expect you to clean up the waste right away.

The problem is that not all pet owners can’t seem to be bothered to do this common courtesy. They don’t realize that not doing dog poop pick-up right away can lead to serious illnesses and environmental problems. Even if your dog only did his business at home, it is still a must for you to clean up after him.

The following are just some of the viable reasons why dog poop pick-up is an important activity that you have to do regularly:

  1. For cleanliness and odor minimization purposes – Leaving your dog with free reign over your backyard might cause the area to be totally unusable because you and your loved ones wouldn’t want to step into his poop. Such also holds true when we talk about public areas. If you fail to pick up the mess your dog created, then it will pose some limitations on other’s ability to fully enjoy it.

Furthermore, it can also result in unpleasant odors, making the area attractive to pests and flies. Be responsible enough by ensuring that you pick up your dog’s poop right after he does his business.

  1. Prevents your dog from eating his own stool – Some dogs have the tendency of eating up their own stool. To prevent such issue from turning into a lifelong habit of your pet, make it a point to clean up his poop right after he goes. Note that his feces carry plenty of harmful organisms, so it is not safe for him to eat it up. Clean it as soon as possible to protect him from harm.
  2. To follow the law – A lot of suburban and urban areas actually passed the legislation requiring owners to pick up their dog waste. You will even notice signs that require you to clean up after your pets in some places. Such signs often come with a contact number so anyone who caught someone violating the rule can easily report it to the right authorities. You can even find suburban community parks and other dog parks starting to offer waste disposal bags, encouraging pet owners to pick up poop.
  3. For disease prevention purposes – Animal waste has the tendency of adding nitrogen into the water. The problem is the excess amount of nitrogen in water might also deplete oxygen in there, causing damage to fish, wildlife, and underwater grasses.

The waste is also the breeding ground of harmful organisms. If left unmanaged, it’s possible for it to be transmitted not only to other animals but also to humans who ingest the contaminated water. Infected animals can also deposit hookworms and roundworms who can thrive in the soil for a prolonged period, causing it to spread to humans and animals. You can help prevent this problem by ensuring that you do your responsibility of cleaning up your dog’s waste.

Now that you know the specific reasons why you need to make dog poop pick-up a regular thing, it’s time to look for a reliable company, which can help you in that matter. There is Arrowhead Pooper Scoopers, which is known for being the best provider of dog waste clean-up and removal services. Get in touch with them now by visiting or calling them at 602-391-0160.