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A study in Sweden suggests that those who own dogs might live longer lives than those that don’t. The study showed that owning a dog is linked to a lower/reduced risk for cardiovascular disease and or death.

Those conducting the research used the demographic data of 3.4 million Swedish residents, ages 40 to 80. In Sweden, all dogs are registered with the Swedish Board of Agriculture and each is identified by a number with either an ear tattoo or a microchip.

Residents of Sweden that already had a history of cardiovascular disease were eliminated from the study which took nearly twelve years to complete. Those allowed to participate within the study were divided into groups based on the following: Age, Sex, Marital Status, and Income.

What researchers learned was that owning a dog was associated with 20 percent lower risk of death from all causes and a 23 percent lower risk of death from cardiovascular disease. When finished, the study was published in Scientific Reports.

Certain breeds of dogs led the way during the study, the most prominent being pointers and retrievers. These breeds, according to research, are dogs that are particularly active. Owning dogs is also a good way to go outside and get moving while being social at the same time.

Health benefits were also increased for single people who own dogs versus single people that don’t happen to own dogs. This is due in part to the fact that single people have a shorter lifespan than those that live with families. Having a dog, however, changes all of that. Dogs, too many, are a substitute for human companionship. That, and single people bear the sole responsibility for caring for their canine companion. They are the only one out walking the dog, getting exercise, and yes, being social, as well.

Not everyone is up to owning a dog however, and many don’t want to own dogs. It’s not recommended that we rush out to buy, or adopt a dog in the hopes that a loved one will live longer.

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