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In a recent post we gave dogs and dog lovers a list of places to travel to together. Today we present to you a follow up—we couldn’t leave out the cat lovers, so this one’s for you. We give you the 11 best places to visit on the planet if you like cats, or simply the company of cats.

ONE—Cat Island/Japan

While this destination might seem a little out of reach for most Americans it sounds like an interesting place to visit. Cats outnumber humans five to one on Aoshima, Island, Japan. The island was once a thriving fishing village but the population of the island has dwindled to just 15 residents. Villagers believe that wealth will come to families living on the island so they continue to feed the cats that live there. Out of the twelve cat islands in Japan, Aoshima Island is the most popular.

TWO—Rossiniere, Switzerland

A French painter by the name of Balthus was fascinated by cats and they way they moved. He enjoyed them so much that he would often include them in his paintings. He was the self-appointed “King of Cats” and upon his death, the community of Rossiniere honored him with a biennial King of Cats Festival. The festival isn’t typical, however, because it lasts the entire summer during the year in which it takes place. Everyone is invited to create some piece of art that represents a cat. The public chooses a winner and that person receives bragging rights.


THREE—Meow Cat Café’, Toronto, Canada

Meow Cat Café’ began when a woman by the name of Erica Yun opened up a café with her mother. The two were concerned that their cats would grow lonely at home, so every day, they bring all ten cats to work with them. They offer standard fare at the café’, teas, coffees, and pastries but they’re more than that. They give patrons the opportunity to pet the cats and to snuggle with them as well. Their hope is to offer peace and healing to those who might be going through a difficult situation. If you visit the cat café’ be sure to pick up cat toys or cat necessities that Erica and her mother find when they travel back home to Korea for a visit.

FOUR—The Cat Boat, Amsterdam’s Canal District

Visitors to this destination have the chance to visit the “Depoezeneboot,” or “Cat Boat.” The Cat Boat is two barges that float on Amsterdam’s Singel Canal. The barges have been turned into animal shelters and residents and visitors alike are welcome to visit with the 50 cats that live there. The Cat Boat is always looking for volunteers to help scoop kitty litter and to help in keeping the barges clean. Enjoy Amsterdam and snuggle with a kitten or cat, all at the same time.

FIVE—Hello Kitty Rooms at the Keio Plaza Hotel, Tokyo

The rooms at this hotel are meant more for children than they are for adults but if you love Hello Kitty, or no someone who does, this is the hotel for you. The Keio hands out Hello Kitty bath products and Hello Kitty dolls for you to take with you when you go home. At bedtime, guests are given Hello Kitty snacks to munch on before they fall asleep.


SIX—Ernest Hemingway’s House, Key West, Florida

Ernest Hemingway was given a cat in the 1930’s as a gift from a ship’s captain. The four dozen or so cats that remain at Key West are direct descendants of that same original cat. The six-toed cats are the reason that so many people descend on Hemingway’s home. The cats are allowed to roam freely throughout the property, even the places visitors are not allowed to see. Visitors are allowed to pet the cats but they aren’t permitted to pick them up and hold them.

SEVEN—The Brookstown Inn, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Sally is the resident cat at The Brookstown Inn and here’s her story. She wandered into the front door of the hotel one day and made herself right at home. The staff fed her and took care of her for several days before bringing her into a local veterinarian for a check-up. It turns out that Sally had somehow made her way across the United States from Seattle. Her microchip traced her back to a family that was happy when they learned their cat was safe and happy. From that day forward, Sally became a permanent resident where she is pampered by both staff and guests. There is a strange twist to her story—A ghost by the name of Sally reportedly lives in room 401.

EIGHT—Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, Kanab, Utah

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary is home to 1600 animals, making it the largest animal sanctuary in the United States. 550 cats live there and are taken care of by volunteers who visit Kanab just to help take care of the cats. This destination is so popular in fact, that volunteers live in one of 12 on-site cottages or cabins while they help take care of the animals. Kittens and cats are allowed to leave the shelter to overnight with guests while cats of volunteers are welcome to stay as well.  If you’re in Kanab, don’t miss yoga. It’s called “Purrs and Poses,” and it takes place on the third Thursday of every month. “Kittens and Coffee” happens every Saturday morning.

TEN—Laughing Cat Winery, Palisades Colorado

The official name of the winery is actually Carlson Vineyards but most people call it the Laughing Cat Winery. The name Laughing Cat comes from the label that Carlson Vineyard places on their bottles. The label is that of a cat juggling mice. The cats that live there are Hank and Gunny and they greet each guest with a handshake.

And our final destination for cat lovers—

ELEVEN—Cat’n Around Catskill, Catskill, New York

Every summer in Catskill, fifty fiberglass felines appear in the streets of the city as part of a public art project entitled “Cat’n Around Catskill.” Throughout the years, cats have been disguised as surfers, superheroes and even Cleopatra. Those who don’t particularly enjoy cats still come to see the cats that line the streets.

Whatever your animal passion, be it dog, or be it cat, there is a place for you to visit somewhere in the world that will allow you to get your animal fix. Happy, safe travels.




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