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Raw pumpkin is good nutrition wise because it is rich in fiber, it’s full of Vitamin A and it’s packed with beta-carotene. Not only is it healthy for humans but dogs can benefit from consuming it as well.  It’s good for clearing up both diarrhea AND constipation in dogs.

When feeding your dog raw pumpkin, be sure to choose the raw pumpkin that comes in a can from the shelf of your grocery store. Never feed your dog raw pumpkin from a fresh pumpkin and be sure to choose pumpkin that contains no sugar. Don’t give your dog too much pumpkin, however, because Vitamin A is highly toxic if your dog consumes too much. Smaller dogs can have up to several teaspoons of pumpkin a day while larger dogs can safely consume up to several tablespoons per day.

How Pumpkin Works

When you increase the amount of fiber that your dog consumes, it helps clear up a bout of constipation. The flesh of the pumpkin contains soluble fiber which will help to slow down your dogs’ digestive tract. It also helps manage diarrhea by absorbing water.

Pumpkin seeds are also a great source protein and carbohydrates. Roast them in the oven, and then grind them before feeding them to your dog. Do not, however, add salt to the seeds after your roast them.

Pumpkin seeds contain an amino acid called cucurbitin, which will paralyze tapeworms and other intestinal parasites. Essentially pumpkin seeds act as a natural dewormer.

Raw pumpkin is great for adding bulk to your dogs’ diet. The extra fiber will also help your dog feel full faster which means they might consume fewer calories. This might be beneficial to your dog if he needs to shed a few pounds.

The flesh of the pumpkin contains Vitamin C which helps boost the immune system. It also helps with joint problems.

Raw Pumpkin slows down the aging process in dogs because it contains beta-carotene.

Zinc in the pumpkin will help improve the skin and coat of your dog and the oils found in the seeds and the flesh are also believed to support urinary health in dogs.

Raw pumpkin holds many key nutrients essential for good health but it can also help when your dog is feeling under the weather. When choosing raw pumpkin, however, be sure to choose pumpkin without spices or sugar because this could make your dog ill. A small amount per day helps your dog in several ways. Not only will it clear up constipation and diarrhea, but it will also leave your dog with a smooth and shiny coat.

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