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In honor of International Pooper Scooper Week we’re going to share with you the best ways that you, as a dog owner, can dispose of dog poo in an Earth friendly manner.

Baggies and Trash

While they might be convenient to use many of these baggies are made out of plastic and plastic doesn’t break down. They also contain petrochemicals that can leak into the soil. Even baggies that claim to be ‘biodegradable’ are not what they appear to be—they’re made from cornstarch and plastic that breaks down into tiny particles that are harmful to the environment.

When looking for baggies look for ones that are compostable and biodegradable which means they are free of any plastic or plastic like material. Baggies also cost money which means it’s also a good idea to use material you already have on hand, such as yesterdays’ newspaper.

Scoop and Trash

Scooping poo and throwing it in the trash works pretty well unless the poo will sit for a day or two before garbage day. If it rains bacteria from the poo can run off into your water supply. It also attracts and feeds flies, rats and other critters you probably don’t want in your yard.




Scoop and Flush

Scooping and flushing poo is most likely the best method to use when disposing of poo but make sure it’s okay with your local water treatment center before doing so. Under no circumstances should you ever flush a baggie down the toilet even if it says that it’s ‘flushable.’ These don’t work well and they tend to get clogged in pipes.


Composting dog poo is another option. You can compost dog poo either in your own backyard or at a public compost site if you have one in your area that accepts dog poo as compost material.

Many public compost sites don’t accept dog poo for two reasons:

  1. Dog poo contains both harmful bacteria and pathogens. Processing dog poo into compost mix can be a risk for both health, and safety reasons.
  2. Poo bags contaminate the existing environment which means it’s easier for public compost sites to say no to dog poo.

If you plan to compost poo in your own yard be sure you are using a bag that is 100% safe for use in a compost pile. You don’t want it to end up contaminating other compost material and you don’t want it to mess up your compost environment.


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