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Winter lawn care means different things for different parts of the country. For the north and Midwest, it usually just means shoveling snow. But for the southwest and particularly the Phoenix area, residents have the choice whether to keep their yards lush and green or allow them to go dormant. Many choose the latter, after all it is the desert, right? But we have the unique opportunity to enjoy a beautiful lawn all year long so why not do what you can to keep it usable and ready for your family to enjoy it for four seasons.

Here are some tips to grow a great winter lawn:

  • Over seeding: Bermuda grass will go dormant in the fall and turn a yellow/brown color.  To keep a Bermuda grass lawn lush and green, you will need to over seed with a cool season grass like Rye. Be sure not to over seed other types of grass and only over seed established lawns.

  • Reduce watering and fertilizing frequency to encourage the Bermuda grass to go dormant more quickly.

  • Once you have seeded with Rye, water 2-4 times a day for 10 minutes each to wet the soil. Once the seedlings begin to show, reduce watering to once a day.

  • Don’t mow your winter lawn until it reaches approximately 2 inches tall

  • Fertilize your winter lawn about every three weeks.

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