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When it comes to outfitting your home with a dog door/cat door you do have options. Doors for pets can be installed in a doorway, a window, or even a wall. Whatever your choice, your pets will enjoy a new found freedom and independence to come and go as they please.

While it is possible to install a dog door yourself, you might be better off leaving it to the professionals, such as the experts at http://www.dogdoors.com. They’ll come to your home, give you an estimate and provide you with superior service, both before and after the sale. Before calling them, however, it’s best to put some thought into your dog door.

Where to Start

Start by first determining where you want your door installed. The location of the door will dictate how much your door will cost. Doors installed within a door are the least expensive option. Prices start between $200 and $400. Doors installed in walls or windows will run you a bit more but only you know your budget. There are doors that are electrical—these raise and lower on their own—how much you spend is entirely up to you.

Once you determine where you want your door, you’ll need to determine what size door you need. When planning for your door remember that your dog will not use the door standing straight up, he’ll squat down to enter the door while using his back legs to pull himself through the door. The easiest way to measure your dog is to have him stand next to you. As he stands next to your leg, reach down and touch his shoulder. If you have a bigger dog, you’ll need a bigger door to accommodate him. If you have multiple dogs you’ll need a door large enough to accommodate dogs of every size.

When you have a rough estimate of a door size, take a piece of cardboard and cut out a square that you believe your dog will fit through. This square represents the approximate size door you will need for your home.

Who to Install

Once you decide all of the above, it’s time to choose someone to install your dog/cat door. You may want to get several estimates before deciding on a company to install and service your door. Most dog door retailers will provide service after the sale by stocking replacement parts for door flaps or other parts that need to be replaced. Other retailers include Invisible Fence Brand Doorman. Their wireless pet door starts at just $549.00. See caninecompany.com for more details on other options that might be available for purchase.

After your door is installed your dog or cat will gain independence and freedom. They’ll enjoy the ability to come and go as they please. You won’t need to worry about letting them in or out because they’ll be able to do it all on their own!

Today we would like to thank www.dogdoors.com for helping us with this blog post. See their website for more information on service areas in Arizona. If they don’t service where you live, they will connect you with someone who can.


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